hi, i'm carsten. i write code and do stuff on the internet

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about me

i grew up in a small town in north rhein-westphalia. after dropping out of high school (gymnasium), i attended technical college and completed a three-year training as a state-certified information technology assistant. currently i am working for a big international it company in the hague in the netherlands.

i have a background in java development and i am quite good and hacking things together in bassh, batch, powershell or python. my current day job involes writing java code and handling lots of data in hundreds of excel spreadsheets. i do not really have a specific hobby but i like to mess around with things on the web, playing games and learning new stuff.


beside this website i have


feel free to get in touch with me via any of the links at the top, or preferably, send me an email, preferably encrypted with my pgp-key, or drop me a line over threema 2S96RXBJ or mention me on twitter.