• – weil transparenz vertrauen schafft
  • – Webseite des Aktivisten John Young, der sich darauf vor allem für eine uneingeschränkte Meinungs- und Informationsfreiheit einsetzt.
  • PublicIntelligence – Webseite die Daten und Dokumente von Wissenschaftlern sammelt und für das Recht auf freie Informationen eintritt.
  • – A/I (Autistici/Inventati, pronounced [au’tistiʧi]-[iŋ’vɛntati], or [iŋvɛn’tati]) was born in 2001 from an encounter of individuals and collectives of the autonomous anticapitalist movement interested in technology and active in the digital rights struggle.

Awesome Lists



Collections of Websites


File hoster / file sharing


  • LittleSnitch – Firewall für macOS. Kostet 45 Euro oder mehr für die Familie
  • Hands Off! – Firewall für macOS. 45 Dollar für Neukunden, 15 Dollar als Upgradepreis.
  • Scudo – Firewall für macOS. 10 Euro Single User, 15 Euro für die 5 User-License.

GnuPG / OpenPGP

  • – öffentlicher Service für die Verteilung von OpenPGP-Schlüsseln
  • – End-to-end encryption for things that matter. Keybase is secure messaging and file-sharing.
  • – Keyoxide allows you to prove “ownership” of accounts on websites, domain names, IM, etc., regardless of your username.


  • – basic HTML Google News for vintage computers
  • – computing-focused community centered around link aggregation and discussion



  • The Takahashi method – Wenige Wörter, alle groß!
  • slide-html – the most simple plain text presentation maker. This version is a standalone HTML page of 4K in size that you can edit in place and get a working presentation. No other tools needed except for a text editor. No programming knowledge is required, too.
  • Big – the antidote to your presentation procrastination.
  • weenote – a quick/dirty/tiny tool for creating simple Takahashi-style presentations. It was inspired by tmcw’s big.
  • sent – simple plaintext presentation tool


  • – Opt out of global data surveillance programs like PRISM, XKeyscore and Tempora.
  • yunohost – Be the cloud you want to see in the world. With YunoHost, you can easily manage a server for your friends, association or enterprise.


Public Unix und Hosting Services

  • Disroot – Email,Cloud, XMPP, Pads, Calc, Paste-bin, Upload, Suche, Umfragen, Git, Audio, Crpytpad
  • – environments – since 9/2019
  • NixNet – Away from prying eyes… Email, xmpp, BigBlueButton, Pleroma, Gitea, TTRss, HedgeDoc, PrivateBin, Nitter, Blibliogram, searx, wallabag, Polr, rss Bridge
  • – a loose association of like-minded tilde communities

Training / Online-Courses

  • Nightmare – A reverse engineering course based around binary exploitation, built into a CTF structure.


Web Development

  • Classless CSS – This is a list of CSS themes and frameworks that do not require you to add their classes to your HTML elements. It means you can quickly style a plain HTML page. This is useful, for example, in prototyping.
  • – Small Web construction set.

Windows Things