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[21:25] VPN Dienste die ich benutze und empfehlen kann.

Tailscale, a frustratingly simple VPN

Tailscale is the simple and secure way to build and manage your team’s network.

We handle network configurations on your behalf to navigate firewalls and routers, so you don’t need to hassle with manual configuration or port forwarding. Authenticating is effortless with SSO, and Tailscale enables roaming so teammates stay connected wherever they go, even if they switch between Wi-Fi and cell networks.

Plus, you can get started in minutes. Just install and authenticate Tailscale on two or more devices, and you’re ready to roll.

Mullvad VPN

Free the internet from mass surveillance

Mullvad believes in a free internet. Free from mass surveillance and censorship. Free from big data markets and authorities mass monitoring your every step. We believe in a free internet where everyone has the right to privacy.

Our VPN service and privacy-focused browser is our contribution to the fight. To free the internet from mass surveillance.