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Speed Up Ssh & Git With This Weird Trick

This trick helps me saving quite some time when using ssh and git.

I found this on Peter Piekarczyk medium blog.

The difference is quite impressive.

If you’re not using an ssh config file, check out this awesome video explaining the advantages of having one:

# symlink to ~/.ssh/config

ControlMaster auto
    ControlPersist 120

Host *
    # Always use SSH2.
    Protocol 2

    # Use a shared channel for all sessions to the same host,
    # instead of always opening a new one. This leads to much
    # quicker connection times.
    ControlMaster auto
    ControlPath ~/.ssh/control/%r@%h:%p
    ControlPersist 1800

    # also this stuff
    Compression yes
    TCPKeepAlive yes
    ServerAliveInterval 20
    ServerAliveCountMax 10

Using the SSH Config File

Also check out the video Using the SSH config file from the website

Otherwise, just place this in your ~/.ssh/config and create a ~/.ssh/control folder.