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RT170: Apple – alles vergeben und vergessen

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There’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to Apple’s new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros. As well as souped-up Pro and Max versions of the already capable M1 chip that Apple debuted last year, they also include numerous quality of life improvements like the return of MagSafe, a row of function keys rather than an OLED Touch Bar, and of course, a full selection of ports that won’t have users reaching for a dongle if they just want to import some photos from an SD card.

Apple hat sich die Sorgen der Pro-User wirklich angehört und nachgebessert. Ich habe für mein MacBook Air einen Dongle mit HDMI, USB-A und SD-Card Slot. Pro-User brauchen hier wahrlich mehr Anschlüsse. Da ist es kein Wunder also, dass alle ziemlich positiv über die neuen MacBook Pro sprechen.

Although Apple stopped short of calling out its past MacBook designs, this week’s announcement was Apple’s biggest mea culpa since the Mac Pro trash can. The event completed the company’s backtrack on basically every controversial decision it’s made with recent MacBooks, after already having made the decision to ditch its controversial butterfly keyboard in favour of more traditional scissor switches. Apple made the wrong call in 2016, but this week, it thankfully got itself back on track.

Ich denke, dass kann man so stehen lassen. Das Release der neuen MacBook Pro Laptops ist Apples aufrichtige Entschuldigung an all die professionellen Benutzer da draußen.